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Online education has been blowing up in popularity in recent years. Today, colleges around the world are offering a variety of online courses for students who work and lack the ability to physically attend class. Due to the convenient nature of these online colleges, I often get asked if there are online barber programs as well.

Naturally, barbering is an extremely hands-on profession. Therefore, training is normally conducted live on campus or in another physical setting. While most training continues to take place in brick and mortar locations, there are online options available to today’s barbers and a number of online courses capable of educating barbers and even fulfilling their state’s education and licensing requirements.

From basic barbering and business skills to safety and sanitation, you will find all of the important topics being covered in any quality online barber school. So, if you’re trying to juggle work, school, and family life, a barber school online may be a perfect fit for you.

Types of Programs Offered for Barbers

cactus readingMany online barber programs and top barber schools offer the same type of instruction and coursework provided at their on-campus locations. Thus, online barber students can expect to learn how to perform the full gamut of barbering services. From foam shaves and steam facials to clipper cutting and razor styling, everything you would learn at a traditional brick and mortar barber program you can learn with today’s online barber school courses.

Learning how to properly cut and manage all of the different types of hair is one of the most rewarding parts of attending barber classes online. However, as part of their curriculum, many online barber programs also teach cosmetology, marketing, and business management classes in order to foster a well-rounded development and more successful barbering careers.

Due to the entrepreneurial nature of this profession that I’ve come to love so much, many graduates decide to launch their own barbershops. Therefore, the wide breadth of curriculum typically offered by online barber programs is particularly useful for future barbers and shop owners.

Online barber students don’t have the luxury of performing on actual practice clients and receiving real-time advice or critiques, so many students practice on mannequins while being trained by master barbers and licensed instructors via video.

This hands-on type of training is a must for barber students in order to gain the skills necessary to pass the licensing exams, but quality online barber courses provide wonderful instruction and the training you need to do just that.

Benefits of Attending an Online Barber School

learning onlineQuality barber training online can be a valuable tool in enhancing your education and allowing you to realize your goal of becoming a successful barber. You can dive into advanced courses and take each one at your own pace to really learn and absorb the material. Moreover, a barbering school online will provide you with the opportunity to learn from someone else’s years of experience, allowing you to avoid countless hours of trial and error and really jumpstart your barber career.

Honestly, you can never go wrong with investing in your education. When I opened my first barbershop years ago, a wise man once told me, “If you focus on becoming really good at what you do, success will surely follow.” I’ll never forget those words and my success as a barber is a testament to their effectiveness.

Let’s take a few moments and review some of the many benefits of going online for your barber education:

  • Learn step-by-step from licensed professionals
  • Ability to rewind, fast-forward, and watch each lesson over and over for maximum learning
  • Stay up-to-date on all of the latest styles
  • Learn how to master all of the barber basics
  • Acquire the business skills needed to enjoy a successful career
  • Typically less expensive than traditional schools
  • Material and technology is regularly updated
  • Access to barbering education right at your fingertips right from your desktop, laptop, or tablet

I have been a successful barbershop owner for over two decades now and have taught countless barbers over the years. I can honestly say that today’s online barbering training is some of the best around. From classic and modern haircuts to beard trims and straight shaves, you can learn it all from a quality online barber program.

Schools That Provide Barber Certification Online

There are a number of schools and programs that provide online barber education. Whether you choose one of the many online programs offered by two-year community or technical colleges, a shorter program designed for basic barber education, or an informal refresher course simply to brush up on your skills and techniques, there are plenty of schools that specialize in providing online barber education and certification.

Process For Learning in a Barber Course Online

e-learningThe process for learning in a bar course online often varies from one course to another. However, in most courses you can expect to experience an array of in-depth HD training videos to help you learn and remain updated on all of the latest hairstyles and barbering techniques.


That’s right. The days of mediocre how-to videos are long gone. Today’s online barber courses deliver quality step-by-step instruction and make you feel as if you were right there watching in person. From fades and blending techniques to proper shaving techniques and everything in between, you can learn it all in a very structured manner simply by enrolling in quality online barber training.

Cost Of Participating in a Barber School Online

dollarThe cost of participating in an online barber program varies greatly depending on where you live and a number of other factors. Different states require a different number of class hours in order to become licensed and certified. Since the tuition or fees for many online barber programs are based on the number of hours per class, schools or programs in some states can cost much more than schools in other states, even though instruction is given online.

Some online barber programs are simply better than others and charge more for their quality instruction. Some programs are also more in-depth than others and cover a wide variety of relevant topics like marketing and management as well, which drives up the cost of their instruction.

With a staggering range of different online barber courses, it’s nearly impossible to calculate an average cost like you can do with traditional brick and mortar schools. For instance, some courses are designed simply to help you fulfill your state’s safety and sanitation training requirement, while others provide you with a comprehensive barbering education.

That being said, most online barber courses are much less expensive than traditional on-site courses. Therefore, if you’re strapped for both time and cash, an online barber course may be right for you.

Requirements For Enrolling in a Barber Course Online

When it comes to enrolling in a barber course online, there are very few requirements. While many schools require a high school diploma or GED prior to enrolling, this is typically the only requirement, making the route of becoming a barber much easier than many other professions. Some online barber programs are designed as refresher courses and not accredited by any governing body. These courses often have no enrollment requirements at all, aside from a credit card of course.

TOP 5 Online Barber Schools

1. Euphoria Institute of Beauty Arts and Sciences

The Euphoria Institute isn’t necessarily for barbers only, but it provides a comprehensive online hair design program for individuals looking to receive a diploma in cosmetology. Since barbers and cosmetologists have similar characteristics and skill sets, a barber trained in cosmetology practices can become well-qualified in the industry and successfully gain employment after graduation. By offering niche-specific courses, the Euphoria Institute teaches everything you could hope to learn about male and female grooming and haircare.

2. Southeastern Beauty Schools

Southeastern Beauty Schools offers basic online barber training for aspiring barbers. With their training, basic barbering students are able to become certified and receive their state barber license in under a year. With both campus and online classes, Southeastern Beauty Schools is a flexible option for barbers in search of the absolute best barber training.

3. Tri-State Business Institute

The Tri-State Business Institute offers individuals the chance to earn an associate’s degree in the field of barbering by attending either their campus or online courses. Although the campus is located in Eerie, Pennsylvania, students from across PA and other states can enroll at the institute and remotely earn an associate’s degree.

Like many other barber school online courses, after successfully completing the course and earning your degree, the school will also assist you with state licensing requirements and job placement. If you want to gain a competitive edge by earning your associate’s degree but like the flexibility of learning online, the Tri-State Business Institute may be for you.

4. American Safety Council

Many states require barbers to continue their education in order to maintain or renew their licenses. Available as barbering classes online from the American Safety Council and similar companies, these courses often cover proper sanitation procedures, disease prevention, and the laws and regulations of the industry. If you need to fulfill the education requirements in your state to maintain your license, the American Safety Council may be a big help.

5. eBarber School

Not all barber schools are designed for people looking to earn their state certification. In fact, there are many “schools” such as the eBarber School that offers online barber training for current barbers and anyone interested in learning both classic and new barber techniques. While training at eBarber will not count towards your barber certification training, all of eBarber School’s courses are broken down into step-by-step videos that can have anyone mastering barbering techniques in no time.



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